Manuscript Evaluation

Manuscript Evaluation

Manuscript evaluations come at the beginning of the editing process. When I do a manuscript evaluation I look at your entire manuscript and point out the strengths and weaknesses. A manuscript evaluation provides suggestions on how you can fill holes in both fiction and nonfiction. In fiction, I’ll suggest ways you can develop characters, setting, plot, point of view, and improve your manuscript. A manuscript evaluation for nonfiction looks at how you present your ideas, develop your argument, and use your evidence. It also includes suggestions on how you can improve your manuscript. Like a manuscript evaluation for fiction, it looks for what’s missing.

It’s a good idea to get a manuscript evaluation when you have reached a dead end and need some suggestions on where you can take your manuscript. Manuscript evaluations are not as detailed as developmental edits, and they’re usually less expensive. The cost of a manuscript evaluation depends on your manuscript’s word count. The time I need to complete a manuscript evaluation also depends on your manuscript’s word count.

In a manuscript evaluation for fiction, I’ll read your entire manuscript and make notes on character, setting, plot, structure, voice, and writing style. I’ll do the same for nonfiction but I’ll focus on your presentation, structure, voice, and writing style.

Once I’ve read your manuscript, I’ll write a two to three-page letter detailing the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses. I won’t mark up your manuscript or correct any grammatical mistakes, but I may make comments when you’ve written a strong sentence, when you’ve explained something well, when a certain section needs more work, or when words are used incorrectly. I won’t suggest moving any paragraphs, and I won’t make any other copyediting suggestions.

My review lets you know what your next steps are and what is needed before your manuscript goes to a copyeditor. It also lets you become comfortable with my editing style. In a manuscript evaluation, I also include a brief market analysis of five titles to let you know what books have been recently published in your genre.

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