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What is the difference between a Writing Coach and Editor?

You might be wondering about the difference between a writing coach and an editor. Both help writers with words and ideas and help them present their ideas. But they do it at different stages in the writing process. In this post, I’ll talk about some of the differences between writing coaches and editors. Let’s start with a writing coach.

Writing coaches help:

• Writers with their ideas and work with them in the early stages of manuscript development.
• They talk writing.
• They work with the writer throughout the writing process and beyond.
• Their relationship with the writer is not over when the manuscript is finished. It may continue if the writer still needs help.
• They help writers make sure their ideas are presented without holes in logic, facts, and presentation.
• They help authors make sure they understand their audience and their needs.
• They help authors with character development, plot, timeline, point of view, and other aspects as needed. This differs for nonfiction.
• They may help with marketing and may answer questions about social media and advertising.

Editors and writing coaches overlap in a few areas because editors also work with writers in the early stages. Editors analyze a manuscript to make sure it is complete. Developmental editors work with writers and help them develop their ideas.


• Read manuscripts and make suggestions on word choice and consistency.
• They suggest ways to make the manuscript stronger.
• They are concerned with fixing errors, like grammar, mechanics, and spelling.
• They focus on the words they see on the page.
• Their relationship with the writer is over once the project is complete.

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